13 Ways To A Build A List Of Readers Of Your Ezine

If you have an ezine or online newsletter, you wish to send it to prospective customers. To send it, you need a list of people who want to get it. This post has to do with how you develop a list of customers to your ezine.

There are many methods to approach individuals and ask them to join your list because everything is about it.

Structure your list.

What is already available?

Could you include them in your list? For example, examine company cards and business correspondence (bills, invoices, etc.).

A form on your website.

Location a place on your website where visitors can sign up for your ezine linkform. You can discover the Html code of a kind on the internet, and typically your web host company offers categories for free.

Ezine directory sites

Ezine directories are an excellent place for you to promote your ezine. There are ezine classifications for any service. Browse in an ezine directory site for ezines like yours and read the descriptions.

Here is a list of directories where you can send your ezine. You can find them on any search engine. www.bestezines.com, www.ezineaction.com, www.ezine-dir.com


Ezines Hub.


Electric Pen.

Online advertising.

Place advertisements online to promote your ezine.

Statement Lists.

Announcements Lists are email lists where publishers can reveal their ezine. Every list has some rules you need to follow before announcing, like the ezine’s name, circulation, a brief description, age classification, where to subscribe, and so on. You also need to register for the group before you can publish.

Here are the URLs of some statement lists:

1 List Advertising.


2000 Publications.


Add Your List.

All My Lists.

List Your List.

List AnnouncementeAnnounce.

Note Advertise.

Get More Subs.

Get More Subs (Topica).

Promote List.

List Builder.

Promote your List.

Offline marketing.

Place advertisements about your ezine in publications, journals, etc. that relate to your service and promote your ezine or online newsletter there. If you offer products about pet dog food, you might market your ezine in magazines and trade journals about dogs. You can also place a small advertisement in the animal’s area of your local paper and the animal shop.


Disperse flyers at busy traffic points in your city or markets related to your service.

Service card.

Mention your ezine and the subscribe email address on your service card.

Free Ads.

If you think about doing this, don’t forget to include this choice in the description of your ezine. Then, when possible, subscribers search the directories, they can see that you use the area for totally free advertisements.

Signatures files.

Consist of at the end of your outbound emails a short message about your ezine. Mention in the sig file where they can discover your ezine and how they can subscribe. Do not forget to include the sig file also in your replies to emails.

Advertisement Swaps.

In return, you can advertise your ezine in his. The description of your ezine can be a guide for this.

The Free Directory of Ezines.

Internet marketing-success. com.

List Directory.


Shann’s Ezine.

Money Minute Ezine.


Binky’s Ad Swap Club.



KCD Webdesign and Hosting.

Advertisement Co-ops.

An ad co-op suggests that you place ads that are delivered to you by an intermediate. An individual who provides ad space on the internet. You put the ads he acquires, and in return, you can add the email address of the individual who promotes to your list.

Advertisement co-ops contribute significantly to constructing your list, and you will see rapid growth, but the subscribers are not always the customers you want. As a result, the value is overstated.


Ask your subscribers to advise your ezine to family, friends, associates, business relations, etc. For example, you can, e.g., put a minor type in your ezine where subscribers can enter the email address of pals, household, etc.


In the end.

As you see, there are numerous methods to promote your ezine and develop a list. Then, when you do a brainstorming session, you may even find more.


Ezine directories are a fantastic place for you to promote your ezine. Search in an ezine directory site for ezines like yours and read the descriptions. Announcements Lists are email lists where publishers can reveal their ezine. Every list has rules you have to follow before announcing, like the ezine’s name, flow, a short description, age category, where to subscribe, etc. Location ads about your ezine in magazines, journals, etc. that are related to your business and promote your ezine or online newsletter there.


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